Pakistan struggles to fight polio virus spread

The number of people infected with Polio virus has been on the rise in Pakistan as authorities struggle to cope with threats and issues surrounding the anti-polio vaccine campaigns.
Though all provinces have seen considerable increase in polio cases; Khyber Pukhtunkhwa province is on top of the list.

Analysts say terrorism, refusal of vaccine by locals and security of health workers are the main hindrances in failure of the anti-polio campaigns.

The year 2014 saw an increase in Polio cases in Pakistan as there were at least 295 polio cases were reported as compared to 93 during the year 2013.

Locals say they would want to get their children vaccinated if they would be guaranteed security from threats of attacks by the terrorists.

The year 2015 has brought with it an uphill task for the Pakistani authorities to fight., not only against terrorism but also to ensure security for its health workers in order to tackle the increasing polio virus.

As Pakistan struggles to tackle the crippling polio virus, Analyst say the security of the health workers also needs to be guaranteed to push ahead the polio vaccination campaigns across the country.

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