Pakistan described a dangerous place for journalists

2014 was the deadliest year for journalists in Pakistan with 14 media personnel killed in one year alone. That’s according to the Pakistan Federal Union of journalists or PFUJ and the International Federation of Journalists or IFJ.

Pakistani journalists say Islamabad’s recent measures for the protection of media workers do not signify a serious shift in policy. The journalists say they still feel pretty much insecure out on the streets of Pakistan.

According to I-F-J, the Brussels-based organization, Pakistan is the most dangerous country for media followed by Syria, Afghanistan Palestine, Iraq and Ukraine. To know more about this, I sat down with Mazhar Abbas, who has a lot of experience in journalism in Pakistan. He says the killing trend has also been changed.

Here at Karachi Press Club I talked to some field reporters. They also complained about serious risks that can happen to anyone at any moment.

According to reports, the total number of journalists killed in bomb blasts and targeted killings world-wide rose to 118 in 2014 from 105 the year before. Another 17 media personnel perished across the globe in natural disasters or accidents while on assignment in 2014.

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