No end to political stalemate in Indian-controlled Kashmir

Two weeks after assembly elections in Indian-controlled Kashmir threw up a fractured verdict; the government formation is still a distant dream with the Peoples Democratic Party and Bharatiya Janata Party struggling to find a common ground due to their deep political and ideological differences.
The region’s governor has set January 19 deadline for formation of the new government. Failure in forming a government will automatically dissolve the state assembly and solidify the governor’s rule.
India’s National Congress has offered unconditional support to P-D-P apparently to keep Hindu nationalist B-J-P at bay.
PDP which has secured 28 seats, is facing opposition from both within and outside against any tie-up with BJP, which is perceived as anti-Kashmir and anti-Muslim.
Continuation of political deadlock has seriously damaged the functioning of the state particularly efforts to rehabilitate flood victims.
Kashmir’s federal government has been seeking special rehabilitation package of around eight billion dollars from New Delhi, but the BJP-led central government has not yet approved or rejected the proposal.
The stalemate over government formation in Kashmir continues as the largest party is struggling to find a reliable ally. Now, it remains to be seen whether major political parties will be able to break the ice or the deadlock would lead to governor’s rule in the region.

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