Conference held in Peshawar in honor of fallen students

A conference has been organized in the Pakistani city of Peshawar by Jamat-e-Islami party to pay respect and honor to nearly 150 young students of Army Public School killed in a brutal terror attack by pro-Taliban militants over two weeks ago.

A big number of people along with the family members of the fallen children attended the conference and re-assured their support to Pakistan’s fight against terrorism.Political party leaders hoped that the incident would be a turning point for the whole nation and unite them against extremism.

Among the speakers of the conference, there was a young student from the same school, who escaped the scene but got shot with 4 bullets in his arm.Muhammad Anas said he would go back to the same school, but wanted the authorities to change the structure of the building so that it does not remind them of the bloodshed.

The participants in the conference expressed their complete support to Pakistan’s armed forces and their fight against terrorism.The martyr conference by Jamat-e-Islami has called on the whole nation to unite and stand strong against the common enemy, who is killing innocent people

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