Pakistan declares new anti-terror policy

Pakistan is still reeling from the recent massive terror attack on a military-run school in Peshawar.The attack that killed 132 children has compelled Pakistan’s top political and military leaders to gather to discuss how to tackle terrorism.

After a daylong meeting in the capital Islamabad, Pakistani authorities agreed to establish military courts for the speedy trial of terror suspects and create a special counter-terrorism force.Defending the new plan, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif says an extraordinary situation calls extraordinary measures. The rising threat of terror has also forced political parties to set aside their differences. Imran Khan, who until recently was seeking the ouster of current Prime Minister, has backed government efforts to fight terrorism. Pakistan’s judiciary also swung into action as it decided to give top priority to terrorism related cases after the Peshawar incident. The judiciary has been accused in the past of doing little to prosecute terror suspects. Peshawar massacre is seen as a turning point in Pakistan’s fight against terrorism. There has been consensus among the civil and political leaders to neutralize this threat but they know that there is a tough road ahead to achieve this goal.

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