Cases of enforced disappearances double in Pakistan

These are the families of Pakistani citizens who were kidnapped under the cover of the so-called U-S-led war on terror after 9/11 attacks . The missing citizens have allegedly been nabbed by the country’s secret services. Many of them have reportedly been handed over to the U-S. The number of cases of such disappearances has been a matter of speculation. This woman, whose husband has been missing for years, has set up a group to defend the rights of kidnapped citizens. After years of struggle, her Defense of Human Rights group has finally come up with verifiable data about the number of kidnapped citizens. According to the group, as many as 5149 citizens have been kidnapped since the so-called war on terror began. Most of them belong to Pakistan’s northwestern areas. The group also says 252 citizens were kidnapped last year alone.

The missing citizens have not been prosecuted. And their families have also not been told about their whereabouts.’Right groups say that still a large number of kidnapped citizens are unaccounted for. The victims’ families are not willing to come out to share the details of the kidnapping saga after alleged threats from secret services to kidnap the remaining family members……. a situation that has gone unnoticed in Pakistan.

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